Our Team – Rhum Clément





CELLAR MASTER Julian Thimon is the type of man dedicated to his craft. So when he took on a two month project at Rhum Clement in November of 2001, he sparked an interest in rhum agricole—and never left the cellar. He found the cellar to be a quiet and tranquil place, one where he could continuously learn, invent, and accomplish. Before stepping into the distinguished role of Cellar Master in 2020, he apprenticed with heralded veteran of the cellar, Robert Peronet, for almost two decades.

Julian is simply committed to making the best rum. He has a strong sense of honor to uphold the legacy of Homère Clément, deliver on the confidence instilled in him to create outstanding white rums and aged rums, and lead a passionate team. He describes the process of aging rums as “magic,” noting its root in chemistry but also the artistry of such a task. It’s one where he finds the most inspiration, as experimentation drives innovation in the distillery’s aged and non-AOC products.

Determined to be a master of rum, Julian spends his free time tasting rums with friends and using their feedback as an informal focus group for his work in the cellar. He jokes that even if he goes to a Champagne party, he’ll be drinking rum. And when he isn’t living and breathing Rhum Clement, Julian escapes with water sports including windsurfing and sailing as well as taking long runs through the parks of Martinique.


When HABITATION CLEMENT MANAGER Célia Sainville first learned of the Clement family’s history in her native Martinique, she was touched. As a professional pursuing a career in communications, Célia found the family-focused story of the Rhum Clement brand to be unique. After completing a degree in marketing in Paris as well as an internship with hospitality company Accor, she jokes she was a “Clément baby,” joining the company at the young age of 23 in 2005.

​As manager of Habitation Clement, Célia oversees how more than 250,000 visitors experience all-things Rhum Clement each year, from the pathway they walk along for a distillery tour to education programs stemming from research on the family’s estate. She has contributed immensely to the development and programming at Foundation Clement, which she helped launch in 2016: a modern art gallery dedicated to the works of Caribbean artists. She has collaborated with the company’s historian to pull together photographs, historical details, and information on the rum history in the Caribbean for the onsite museum and comprehensive audio guide.

Additionally, Célia oversees all special events on the property, including school trips for local children, nonprofit galas, and private social gatherings. A lover of a “big party,” her favorite event was the launch of Foundation Clement, which brought together more than 3,000 people to celebrate. Outside of Rhum Clement, she still likes to host a gathering of friends and family, alongside her husband and two children, as well as spend time at the beach and go scuba diving.