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Since 1887, the production of Clément rum has been carried out according to the traditions and time-honored methods inherited from Homère and Charles Clément. Clément Select Barrel is aged in particular heavily charred barrels resulting in a soft, approachable rum that mimics flavor profiles consistent with American whiskey.

“Rhum Agricole” is distilled from sugarcane juice as is typical in Martinique and proudly wears the “AOC Martinique” designation signifying an exemplary degree of expertise in every stage of production.

Maturation: Aged in a tropical climate for 18-24 months in heavily charred barrels that are hand picked by our cellar master.
Nose: Sweet aromatics with heavy notes of vanilla and caramel.
Palate: Soft and round mouth feel with flavors reminiscent of Bourbon punctuated with light spice.
Cocktail Suggestion: Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and/ or Mai Tai.

Aged Rum | 40% ABV | 700ml | Martinique